Jon Moxley: "Every Week Triple H Was Taking An Instagram Selfie With Some Indy Guy"

Moxley continues to make waves...

Jon Moxley's month-plus outside of WWE has proven to be extremely newsworthy, whether it's his physical involvement at AEW and NJPW events, or his highly-informative interviews for various media outlets. Moxley has held nothing back in regards to his feelings toward Vince McMahon and the WWE creative process, and has since added further criticism toward WWE's mode of hiring.

Speaking with Andrew Grevas of 25 Years Later, Moxley spoke about NXT, how it's packed to the gills with the best indy talents on the planet, and how that may not be a good thing.

Said Moxley, "Once I was on the main roster and NXT started, which I wasn’t a part of, every week Triple H was taking an Instagram selfie with some indy guy. I don’t know if he was trying to make himself look cool and get some indy cred or what, or make NXT cool. He basically started buying the indys. I remember thinking that it might not be a good idea. Then where are all of these good ideas going to come from? If they signed Daniel Bryan at 21, he never would’ve become Bryan Danielson and you never would’ve had WrestleMania 30."

"Buying up all of the indy scene was the same as Vince buying up all the territories back in the day. There’s nobody left to cherry pick for talent. It’s amazing that even though they bought up the indys that it has repopulated itself stronger than ever. Makes you very optimistic about the future of pro wrestling."

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