Jon Moxley On NJPW: "If It Wasn't For The Pandemic, I Would've Had A Full Schedule"

Also praises the working relationships that are in place

On February 26, Jon Moxley will defend his IWGP United States title for the first time in a year, as he takes on number one contender KENTA at NJPW New Beginning USA.

Moxley spoke with Fight Game Media ahead of the match to not only discuss plans for him to work more frequently with New Japan, but also praise the the ongoing relationship between multiple promotions (AEW, NJPW, Impact, etc) that allows for talents to receive more opportunities.

"Obviously, I have a contract with AEW, but I work other places An actual independent contractor who basically does whatever the f**k I want," Moxley said. "The pandemic might've helped s**t out too as far as people getting creative and trading talent. There would be a door open between us and IMPACT, which is really cool. What if a team or a wrestler is between stories or doesn't have anything real specific going on, especially a younger guy who needs to work and get more experience. They can go to IMPACT and do something, or if someone in IMPACT isn't doing anything, they can come over and help us out here. New Japan, the door has been open for me the whole time. 

"If it wasn't for the pandemic, I would've had a full schedule in Japan, the same way I was in January and February [2020]. The possibility is there for younger guys to get experience working there or for their bigger names to do a showcase here. Nobody has to be married, just the doors being down. People need to get more creative in the pandemic and it's opened people's minds to get out of their normal rut. It's gonna be more common for people to work for multiple companies."

(Credit to Fightful for transcription)

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