Jon Moxley Reveals Why 'That' WWE Network Stone Cold Podcast Got So Awkward

Austin 3:16 says awkward turtle, shaky palm tree...

Not too long after the WWE Network launched, Stone Cold Steve Austin took his already popular audio podcast to our television screens.

One of the most notorious episodes from the 12 Stone Cold Podcasts on the Network involved Dean Ambrose. It wasn't clear why things got tense during the show but the awkwardness between the former Lunatic Fringe and Austin throughout the interview was palpable.

Those who watched the show will have seen the pair talk about music before Austin brought up Dean's childhood. From there, things went downhill with Dean giving short answers to just about everything Stone Cold asked.

It looks like producers for the podcast ignored Ambrose's request not to mention his formative years before the show went on the air.

Here's what All Elite Wrestling's newest roster member told Wade Keller: “Within five seconds, I’m getting these f***ing questions, I don’t remember what they were, and he said something that p****d me off and I just f***ing mentally shut down, and I love Steve. If that had have been a regular interview, I’d have hung up on them, but I was like, ‘I f***ing love Steve.’”

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Ross Tweddell

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