JONAH: I Wasn't Shackled In WWE NXT

A happy medium with Triple H

While some Superstars find WWE to be creatively stifling, especially when it comes to promos, one former wrestler who didn't think he was "shackled" is JONAH - formerly known as NXT's Bronson Reed.

"Having a lot more freedom is something I always wanted. I wasn't shackled in NXT, you do have someone who is writing something for you, but I was one of those guys that...I can't just say something written on the page if it doesn't feel right to me. I was lucky enough to be pretty close with Hunter to where I could actually speak to him and say these things and we could work out a happy medium," JONAH told Fightful.

"Now, a lot of places put their faith in me. I'm not just the 350-pound big man, I can speak. If I get given that opportunity to speak, I try to always come up with something creative and something that people remember. It's not so much about pushing boundaries, but if you can say something that is a little dig that people can remember, that's what I'll do."

Reed was released by WWE earlier this year and he has since signed with IMPACT and New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Speaking about his post-WWE run so far, JONAH admitted it's been great to speak to fans again.

"I've only just been on the road these past few weeks with New Japan and IMPACT and I did my first independent show for the first time in three years and it's been great to actually speak to the fans again. Obviously, the way NXT television was working is we were in the same place every week and a lot of the same fans, you see. It's great, they are a loyal fan base, but it's good to see people from other states and go, 'Ah, yeah, they are watching and do know who I am.'"

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