Josh Alexander Comments On Braun Strowman Joining IMPACT Wrestling Rumours

Alexander would 'welcome the competition'

Josh Alexander believes Adam Scherr would bring some both competition and more eyes to the IMPACT Wrestling product, if the reports are true about an impending move to the IMPACT Zone for the former Braun Strowman.

Scherr, known as Strowman in WWE, was released by the promotion in early June and has since been heavily linked with a switch to IMPACT Wrestling. Reports along this line have multiplied since Strowman was spotted meeting with IMPACT Executive Scott D'Amore over the weekend.

D'Amore previously teased Scherr's arrival in IMPACT during Jade Chung's Twitch stream from a Toronto Blue Jays game in August, with the executive mentioning that IMPACT was on the road to 'Braun For Glory'.

While Alexander believes D'Amore was just having some fun with his comments on his wife's stream, the number one contender feels Strowman would be a good addition to the promotion. 

During a Press Pass Media Interview hosted by Josh Matthews, when asked about Strowman, Alexander said to Matthews: "Josh, you want to answer this one?"

Matthews responded: "Hey, you go first, you were at the baseball game when the news got dropped, “Braun For Glory.” I mean, I’m hearing the same rumours that James is hearing, so to me, it’s one of those ‘you’ve got to wait and see what happens’. There’s no reason you don’t order the pay-per-view based on what we’re hearing, but what do you think?"

Alexander added: "I would welcome the competition, having somebody [of that calibre] come into the company, and if you can more eyes on [IMPACT]. 

"But at the baseball game, I thought Scott was just trolling everybody by making a joke, but if it does actually transpire then it’s pretty cool that a hot take happened on my wife’s Twitch account."

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