JTG Talks Cryme Tyme WWE Return Rumours

Shad Gaspard's Tag Partner Unsure If He Wants To Return To Wrestling After Tragedy...

Former WWE Superstar Shad Gaspard tragically lost his life on May 17 after he was caught in a strong rip current while swimming in Venice Beach, California.

Before his disappearance, Shad ensured that lifeguards saved his son first as they tried to attend to him. 

Gaspard's longtime tag team partner JTG recently appeared on Lilian Garcia's Chasing Glory podcast and discussed the tragedy, as well as rumours that WWE had reached out to them in the past regarding a potential comeback. 

On whether there were any talks about a return, JTG said: 

Yeah, there was a few rumors, you know. They - the last time we went backstage two years ago, the Head of Talent Relations saw us and we looked amazing, we looked great. And he was like ‘Oh, man, you guys look good. We’d love to - the door is always open, we’d love to have you back’. There was talk but nothing ever became of it. I also heard through the grapevine that our name was brought up a few times to bring us back. So I don’t know.

While there were never any concrete discussions about bringing Cryme Tyme back, JTG did reveal that the company had been in touch about filming an episode of the Where Are They Now? series: 

They reached out to us right when the quarantine started. Like 'Hey, you guys wanna do a Where Are They Now episode?’. And we agreed to it, like ‘Yeah cool, why not?’. But they never did it, no. Never shot it.

During the interview JTG also said that he's not sure if he will wrestle again and had told people in the past that he wouldn't want to return to WWE as a singles wrestler because he and the fans would both have preferred to see Cryme Tyme. 

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