Juan Cena Returns At WWE Live Event

We can see him!

John Cena is middle-aged and without a care in the world and it's fantastic to see.

Try to have a go at him about his new haircut - he laughs with you. Try to have a go at him about Nikki Bella leaving him last year - he laughs with you. You ask him to dress up as a Luchador - hell yeah he'll do it because he's John Cena and he's middle-aged and without a care.

Yes, over the weekend, Cena's alter ego - or is it a completely different man altogether? - appeared during a backstage interview with the Lucha House Party following the trio's win over The Revival. Juan appeared outta nowhere, did the whole 'Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!' dance, before disappearing off camera and leaving the House Party confused.

Later, The Luchas referred to their new pals as 'Juanito' - so I guess we can only assume Juan Cena is now in Lucha House Party.


John Cena was in the arena for the event, as he was taking on former Raw General Manager Elect Baron Corbin in a No DQ match. So maybe Juan and John are one and the same...

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