Karrion Kross Talks About His WWE Gladiator Helmet

Kross’ gladiator look was widely panned

When Karrion Kross made his WWE Raw debut, we all assumed he would continue the run of dominance that saw him become a two-time NXT Champion, but Vince McMahon and company seemingly had other plans.

Losing his undefeated streak in under five minutes, never mind being stripped of his entrance and valet Scarlett, Kross was DOA on main.

Speaking with Chris Van Vliet on the Insight podcast, Kross spoke of what WWE had in store for him on Raw, but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like they had much, if anything, in mind:

“No (there were no plans),” started Kross. “I did have several people tell me… there were conversations at one point of me working with Randy [Orton], Bobby [Lashley], Drew [McIntyre], Rey [Mysterio] and maybe Roman [Reigns]. It wasn't anything concrete. my name was being mentioned with theirs as possible matchups, which I was absolutely thrilled for, who wouldn't be? You're working there, of course you want to work with those people, they are the best of the best. When I got there, there wasn't really any discussion of that. You just show up and do what they tell you to do.” 

Things went from bad to worse when Kross debuted a new look, kind of like a Roman Gladiator complete with mask, a decision that was universally panned. Van Vliet asked Kross if he kept the mask when he was released from WWE:

"No, I left it in the props truck. That thing, you ever seen 'Annabelle?' Put it in a glass case, put a crucifix over it, keep it away! I had no resent towards it, but what's funny, the material it was made out of began to expand in the humidity so every single week, it would get a little bigger. It started to feel like it was becoming the helmet from ‘Spaceballs’. I was like, 'this is ridiculous.'"

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