Kelsey Heather Appears On Both WWE Raw & AEW At The Same Time

A first since AEW's formation

One side-effect of pre-recording television shows is that the performers could turn up somewhere else when the program is scheduled to go out - and in one wrestler's case, that meant appearing for both WWE and AEW at the same time!

Kelsey Heather ensured her place in wrestling quizzes and trivia history for the rest of time on Monday, becoming the first person since the formation of AEW in 2019 to feature for both All Elite Wrestling and WWE on the same night.

Heather was involved in both WWE Monday Night Raw and AEW Dark Elevation on July 12, with both shows being pre-taped prior to airing this week. 

Heather worked a match against Leyla Hirsch on the AEW show and was also involved in a recurring role as one of the women cheering on WWE Champion Bobby Lashley on Raw, during the final segment of the show as a part of MVP's VIP Lounge.

With her roles with both AEW and WWE obviously not requiring long-term contracts, it is clear to see how Heather ended up in such a unique position. But, with the unusual quirk of both shows being pre-recorded, it is unlikely such a circumstance will occur again.

Heather's involvement in both AEW and WWE is much less controversial than 'Ravishing' Rick Rude being on both WWE Raw and WCW Nitro on the same night, on November 17 1997.

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