Kenny Omega: AEW Was Meant For Hangman Page

Hangman is the top babyface of AEW

The journey to the top for Adam Page has been triumphant, with ‘Hangman’ becoming the most popular star in AEW during his struggles to reach the summit and become the fourth ever AEW World Champion. 

AEW President Tony Khan has gone on record to say the first four AEW Champions had been in place since day one, and now former champion Kenny Omega has claimed the promotion was ‘meant for Page’.

“We don’t just bring just anyone into our group,” Omega told Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated when discussing Bullet Club accepting Hangman. “If there is one area where the Bucks and I have really honed in, it’s realising the types of people that have potential for greatness in professional wrestling. This industry has no set of rules or a template for what creates a star. All you need is that raw talent, and it was clear Hangman had that. Hangman had a never-say-die attitude, incredible athleticism and a very clean slate in terms of major injuries. He had this Southern cowboy-ish nature, and a personality behind the scenes—one that people now see on camera—of a very lovable human being. We knew this guy was going to be an elite performer. And once AEW came along, we knew this company was meant for him.”

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