Kofi Kingston Doesn't Dwell On Infamous Loss To Brock Lesnar

Kofi Kingston gives his thoughts on losing the WWE Championship to Brock Lesnar in 2019.

Speaking recently to NBC Sports Boston, former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston spoke about losing the title to Brock Lesnar in infamous fashion. 

Kingston won the belt from Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35, the culmination of a run dubbed 'KofiMania' for the challengers sudden surge of popularity. His loss to Lesnar on SmackDown's FOX debut was seen by many as a damaging one, given the very brief and easy nature with which Brock became champion.

Kofi explained:

"For me to dwell on what happened in that match with Brock Lesnar doesn't serve me any purpose. It's not going to make me better or change what happened, or do anything besides make me feel bad. I'm not going to let it do that. I have a lot more career left to handle. [...] As far as my run, being WWE Champion, I got to go six months almost to the day. That is a very long reign. If you look back at how many current champions have had a reign of six months or more, it's Brock Lesnar, Bobby Lashley, Roman Reigns and myself. You can't be mad at that.

"I enjoyed my title run, I enjoyed every single moment of it because I know how rare it is to be in that championship role. You embrace it."

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