Kofi Kingston: I'll Never Make It If WWE Draft Me To A Show Without The New Day

Big E has been separated from his faction teammates since October

Kofi Kingston believes he 'won't make it' if he is ever separated from both of his New Day tag-team partners during a WWE draft. 

Kingston and Xavier Woods have continued to fly the New Day flag on Monday Night Raw since October, having been separated from stablemate Big E during the draft last year. 

E has enjoyed singles success, winning the Intercontinental Championship on SmackDown, but jokingly admitted during a recent episode of The New Day podcast that he fears being the group's third wheel when the reunite. 

He said: "That's my secret fear. That's my secret fear, that you guys are at Raw just getting real close. By the time we come back around to all three of us being on the same show, it's the two of ya'll just having secret meetings and conversations."

Xavier Woods would add he felt the same during his time away injured: "That's a real thing. When I was injured, that was a real thing. It doesn't happen, but it's like, 'what if it does though?'"

The conversation prompted Kingston to admit he struggled without Woods at Raw last week.

"We just had an episode of Raw where Woods is out and obviously E is not there and I had to be there the entire day by myself. I texted you guys like 59 minutes into the day like 'I can't do it. I don't know if I'm gonna make it.' We still had like seven hours left before we had to go home.

"I don't know how you do it, E. Ordinarily, I may not see Woods until four of five o'clock, but I know he's in the building and that I'm gonna see him. The anxiety in my mind, I just go outside and pace. Don't ever draft me to a show by myself, I will not make it. You have shown a new level of strength, E. You are physically strong, but knowing what you go through on the daily - I'm impressed."

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