Kurt Angle Reveals When He Knew He Had To Retire From WWE

He retired at WrestleMania 35

Kurt Angle has revealed the way in which he was asked to put over Drew McIntyre showed him that WWE had no plans for him as a top star during his second run. 

Angle's return to WWE television was met with elation from fans but, following a run as Raw General Manager, the Olympic Gold Medallist found himself not utilised in the fashion he hoped. 

On the November 5 2018 episode of Raw, Angle wrestled his first match on the show since 2006, but was beaten by McIntyre in dominating fashion, with the Scotsman forcing the Hall Of Famer to submit to his own Ankle Lock submission move. 

Angle had hopes that WWE would permit him to work as one of the top stars in the company once again but the 52-year-old admits the nature of that defeat showed him he wouldn't be getting the run he hoped for. 

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, when asked when the thoughts of retirement started, he said: "I would say the Drew McIntyre match. When I had to really really really put him over, I even tapped out to my own Ankle Lock. It was a complete domination of a match. 

"I knew then, I read between the lines and realized this company has no plans moving forward with me. If I continue to do this, this is what I’m going to do, I’m going to lose quite a bit. There’s no problem with that, but being at the level I was I just felt I could’ve given more and possibly been in a world title run.

"I’m not saying I deserved to be, but if I had that option, I would have motivated myself even more to get even more prepared. If Vince [McMahon] would’ve told me at the beginning when I just signed with the WWE and signed in 2017 and said ‘Hey, we’re going to utilize you wrestling, don’t worry about it.’ I would’ve been training everyday still, I would’ve been in the ring everyday. Not knowing and being the GM every week, I just let it go and it was my own mistake."

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