Kyle O'Reilly Provides Injury Update

Kyle O'Reilly is waiting to find out more

Kyle O'Reilly has provided an update on his injury.

The reDRagon member has not appeared on AEW programming since he suffered a baseball bat shot to the crotch from Sting on the June 17 episode of Rampage, with O'Reilly announcing after the incident that he had sustained swollen testes. AEW President Tony Khan then announced ahead of Forbidden Door that O'Reilly was dealing with a legitimate injury. 

In an update with This Is VANCOLOUR, O'Reilly revealed he has been "really banged up" and is awaiting further information about his injury. 

"This October, I'll be wrestling for 17 years now. It's a lot of bumps, a lot of wear and tear on your body. Fortunately, nothing serious has really happened to me. I've been hurt a lot, I've been injured, but I've always grinded through, made the date, showed up and performed as well as I can in the ring despite whatever I was nursing. Sometimes, the medical staff needs to save us from ourselves. As wrestlers, we'll go until the wheels fall off. 'My shoulder is hurt? Okay, I won't do any moves where I land on my shoulder.' We're crazy like that," O'Reilly said.

"This is something I've been dealing with, it's a nagging thing that I've been dealing with, specifically, pretty bad for the last five years. In the last few weeks of wrestling on AEW, I've been really banged up and didn't know the extent of it until now. I still don't know all the information, so I don't want to disclose exactly what is happening with me. I need more information and I should know probably this week what the recovery time is going to be and what the recovery will entail. All I can do is, if there is time off, use it to remotivate myself, get in better shape, and come back stronger than ever before." 

O'Reilly had been building momentum in All Elite Wrestling prior to his injury and he recently picked up a pay-per-view win over Darby Allin before he faced Jon Moxley for a spot in the Interim AEW World Title match at Forbidden Door on the June 8 episode of Dynamite. 

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