Lana Thinks Miro Will Return To WWE

Could Miro be set to go back to WWE?

Amidst his absence from All Elite Wrestling, Miro's wife CJ Perry (Lana) has said she thinks he will return to WWE at some point in the future. 

"Well, you know, it so happens that the Redeemer is fighting on some battlefields against a couple of gods. Rusev Day will never die. It's always going to be around, the kids are going to want to sing it and I'm sure it will make a return in WWE at some point. Rusev - well, whatever he shows [up] back in; whatever frickin name or gimmick or character he returns [as] at some point, in WWE is going to be iconic. You know, he, that's the great thing about wrestling is it doesn't matter what company you work for, what promotion, anything can happen. Let's be honest, we know that everyone always returns back to WWE at some point," Lana told 92.7 WMAY.

Miro was previously a part of WWE as Rusev from 2010 until his release in April 2020. He joined All Elite Wrestling in September 2020 and The Redeemer has since signed a contract extension that will keep him with the promotion until 2026. 

Miro was initially one of AEW's top stars in 2021 but he has been hardly used in 2022, only having four matches this year. The 36-year-old hasn't been on TV since September's All Out pay-per-view, with a report from Dave Meltzer noting that Miro rejected AEW's creative plans for him that would have involved a match at Full Gear. He remains off TV until both parties can agree on creative.

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