Lance Archer Reveals He Could Have Died From AEW Moonsault Botch

Almost a disaster for Archer

While Lance Archer only suffered whiplash as a result of a botched Moonsault on an October episode of AEW Dynamite, the former IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion noted he was lucky not to have died from the move. 

Noting how he felt on Busted Open Radio ahead of his AEW World Title match against Hangman Page, Archer said: 

"I feel great. I mean, I'm beyond blessed for the fact that I actually didn't break my neck. You know, a centimetre a different way and it could have been a completely different result. I basically gave myself an extreme version of whiplash, because I bounced off my forehead. But if it had been any part of the crown of my head, I probably would have been paralysed or dead. So beyond blessed that that didn't happen.

"The medical staff here has been extremely amazing. You know, they've kept me on the road. They've kept me in physical therapy here with our guys, and I've done everything that they've asked me to do before coming back. They had different physical exercises they've asked me to do, I've stayed on top of them, and they've been extremely happy."

Archer was out of action until early January when he returned to challenge Hangman Page for the AEW World Title. 

Their Texas Death Match for the gold took place on Wednesday's Dynamite from Atlantic City and the AEW World Champion retained following a Buckshot Lariat through two tables.

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