Lars Sullivan's Main Roster Plans Revealed

Will it be Raw or SmackDown Live for the NXT star?

At WWE Survivor Series 2018, a promo was aired where NXT Superstar Lars Sullivan destroyed a cinder block. This, of course, was to show how big and strong Lars Sullivan is because he's getting moved to the main roster very soon.

It looks like he will be heading to SmackDown Live rather than Raw, with several sources online reporting that WWE don't want Lars to be overshadowed by the larger and presumably (?) stronger Braun Strowman. Several more sources reported that he's going to be the subject of a push much like The Monster Among Men's during his early days away from The Wyatt Family on Raw. Expect Lars to be squashing plenty of local talent over the next few months as WWE play a slow burner with him.

However, we have more information as to what's in store for Lars from Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. It's a brief one, but Dave believes that Lars' main roster destination isn't confirmed yet, but he is in for a "super push" because he's a Vince McMahon kind of guy - insert the Vince McMahon likes big, sweaty men ditty here...

"During the preshow and later they announced Lars Sullivan being brought up," writes Meltzer. "It wasn’t clear which brand he’s supposed to be on. There is no specific destination or major program formulated, but the plan is for him to get a super push. He is the Vince McMahon kind of guy."

It's going to be interesting to see how Lars' career pans out over the next few weeks and months because he's also said that he isn't going to stop destroying folk on NXT until he gets a shot at Tommaso Ciampa's championship.

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