Logan Paul Explains Why He Signed With WWE

Logan Paul recently signed a contract with WWE

Whilst some wrestling fans scoffed at the idea of WWE signing Logan Paul to an official contract, from a business standpoint it was a shrewd move, with the controversial star having a dedicated following, as well as significant social media reach.

As for why Paul himself signed a deal with WWE, he revealed the following on his Impaulsive podcast:

"It is true, I signed a multi-match deal with WWE and we announced it. It went crazy viral and I love the response,” said Paul. “People are excited to see me in WWE. For me, there is a trifecta that I look for that decides what I do. I say this with privilege, because I can do this now because of the decades of hard work I put in. When I can mix passion, business, and media all into one thing, I'm ultimate me, happy place. Passion, when I did WrestleMania, I had so much fun. All my friends had fun, we were all smiling. It was awesome. I was looking at the clips, 'I can't believe that was me. Those were big jumps.' Business, it's smart, they pay well. WWE, it's a big organisation. Media, it's a show. It's great performance and entertainment.

“I'm excited for this journey and I am well aware of how powerful of a launch pad it can be for whatever I want to do in life. Besides this show, my visibility online is not a lot. I'm not uploading on my main channel ever. I do this show every week and I do this and that, but WWE is a good opportunity for me to leverage one of the biggest brands in the world for my own, should I show up. Should I work hard. Go do the performances, impress the fans, and become that WWE character that is notorious or loved. I don't know if I'm going to be a heel or babyface.”

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