Malakai Black Admits Mistakes Have Been Made With His Character In WWE, AEW

Learning from those mistakes is key, though

Since signing with All Elite Wrestling, Malakai Black has reinvented his character once again, this time as a heel who is increasingly corrupted and can corrupt his opponents with black mist. 

Black has added new elements to his character since July but some ideas, like his wizard cloak, were quickly dropped and the former NXT Champion admitted mistakes have been made with his gimmick in AEW and when he was in WWE. He noted mistakes are important, though, as it meant he could build on what went right. 

"So for me, the character work sticks and the wrestling progresses slowly. I wanna be perceived as effective and efficient and sure, you know, and I'll be the first one to sometimes also say that both in NXT and WWE and AEW, yeah, we've made some errors, we've made some mistakes but you know, you also need to make mistakes to realise what you've done wrong so you can correct it again," Black said on Casual Conversations with The Classic.

"Nothing is always ever absolute, right? So it's all about finding what you need to change and redoing it and sometimes there was decisions that I made, sometimes it was decisions that they made, you know what I mean? It's just - but, you get this whole... you get this whole track record of all the things that you knew went well so you start building off it and a lot of times, young wrestlers ask me about that character stuff, right? And I always tell them, you know, 'Try ten things out. If nine fail, well at least you have one thing that didn't fail and from that one thing, you start building again.'"

Since signing with AEW, Black has spent much of his time feuding with Cody Rhodes but The Harbinger Of Fury has since moved on to a feud with The Varsity Blonds and he recently defeated Griff Garrison. 

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