Maria Kanellis Recalls Spending Time With A Young John Cena In WWE

“I know he was nervous and I was nervous because we were so young”

John Cena is at the top of his game. A true household name, star of numerous blockbusters, and still a box office draw for WWE, it seems almost weird to remember a time when Cena was just another face at the bottom of WWE’s card.

For many though, it was no surprise that Cena excelled, with former on-screen partner Maria Kanellis saying the following about the leader of the Cenation:

“It’s crazy. John always had such motivation,” Kanellis told Cageside Seats “I used to end up eating breakfast with him a lot on international tours because they would have like breakfast set up downstairs in hotels. I was always up early because I wasn’t a drinker. He was always up early because he was going to the gym. And so I ended up sitting down with him for breakfast. He’s just a lovely human and always so motivated. Thinking back to those first interviews when I know he was nervous and I was nervous because we were so young, just like figuring it out. To see him today, I’m just I’m really happy for him. I am.”

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