Mark Henry Set To Be Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame

The World's Strongest Man is expected to join the class of 2018.

UPDATE: WWE have now officially confirmed that Mark Henry will be inducted, as per an announcement on WWE.com.

WWE have (perhaps unintentionally) revealed the identity of their latest Hall of Fame inductee. The news comes via WrestlingInc, who were sent a photograph of the latest WrestleMania magazine.

The magazine features an interview with Mark Henry centred around his upcoming induction to the Hall of Fame - although no official announcement has yet been made by WWE.

Henry joined the promotion in 1996, having spent his youth as a powerlifter and Olympic weightlifter. Billed as the World's Strongest Man, his first feud was with Jerry Lawler.

He won his first WWE title in 1999, being awarded the European Championship by then-champion Jeff Jarrett as a reward for helping him win the Intercontinental title. He lost it a few weeks later to D'Lo Brown at Unforgiven.

Henry's second taste of gold came in 2008 as part of the ECW brand, where he won the ECW Championship at Night of Champions.

His biggest success was his capture of the World Heavyweight Championship in 2011, defeating Randy Orton at Night of Champions. A few months later at TLC, he lost the title to Big Show, and assaulted the new champion after the final bell. This led to Daniel Bryan cashing in his Money in the Bank contract.

Henry's most notable angle was arguably his fake retirement on June 17th 2013, where he took to the ring and cut an emotional promo, before attacking WWE Champion John Cena and vowing that he was still very much raring to go.

As well as Henry, the class of 2018 currently includes Goldberg, the Dudley Boyz, Jeff Jarrett, Ivory, Hillbilly Jim, celebrity inductee Kid Rock, and Warrior Award recipient Jarrius 'JJ' Robertson.

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