Matt Cardona Offers Elon Musk An Internet Championship Match

Elon Musk can go one-on-one with Matt Cardona… if he buys Twitter

Elon Musk has been in the news this week due after revealing he submitted a bid to buy social network site Twitter, and should he be successful then a greater prize could be waiting for him.

Yes, self-proclaimed Internet Champion Matt Cardona has thrown down the gauntlet, telling Musk he can have a shot at the gold if he is successful with his takeover of Twitter.

Cardona took to Twitter- obviously - to throw out the challenge:

“If @elonmusk buys @Twitter, I’ll give him a shot at my Internet Championship.”

Cardona has been in possession of the Internet Championship for the majority of the past 11 years, creating the title during his breakout run on the ‘Z! True Long Island Story’ YouTube show whilst still signed with WWE.

However, Cardona may have to get in line for a match against Musk, as Triple H called out the controversial billionaire in 2021, challenging the Tesla founder to a match… on Mars:

“Elon Musk, if you’ve got the guts, if you have what it takes to do this… then you and I will talk, Elon, about what I really want to talk about. Which is taking one of your rockets, launching it from Florida, going up into space, heading to Mars with a team from the Performance Center, where we then put on the largest spectacle the Universe has ever seen – WrestleMania Mars.”

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Written by Jack Atkins

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