Matt Cardona: This Is The Greatest Time Of My Career

Cardona has reinvented himself on the indies

Despite an up-and-down run in WWE, Matt Cardona achieved lot during his time with the fed, but he says his current run on the Indies is the greatest time of his career.

A mainstay of GCW, IMPACT, and the NWA amongst others, Cardona has become one of the hottest acts on the circuit, and as he told Sports Illustrated, he’s loving his run:

“This is the greatest time of my life and the greatest time of my career,” Cardona says. “I’m so busy, working on the podcast, wrestling, and being in the gym. I love the grind, I love the hustle. And I loved WWE - and I could pitch ideas, but nine out of ten times, they wouldn’t happen. Now I can do whatever I want.”

Whilst Cardona’s character is a massive heel due to his close association with WWE, Cardona admitted that his WWE run set him up for life beyond Stamford:

“Everything I learned in WWE has made me who I am today,” Cardona says. “I am not bitter. I don’t resent WWE at all. When I say that WWE was my developmental, that’s not a shot, it’s the truth. I learned everything it takes to become a superstar while in WWE. That’s understanding merchandise, knowing how to look for the hard camera in a match, presenting myself a certain way in interviews. All that was learned in WWE. It’s made me who I am.”

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