Matt Hardy Comfortable With Comparisons To Jeff: "He Was Almost On The Same Level As John Cena"

Matt is comfortable with his own career

Matt Hardy is 'very comfortable' with how his career has progressed in comparison to his brother's, noting that Jeff Hardy was 'almost on the same level as John Cena' at the height of his popularity. 

The Hardy Boys have often seen their individual careers compared, having gone their separate ways as singles stars, but Matt knows he can't compare himself too much to Jeff, and knows that his brother is one of the most popular wrestlers ever to step into the ring.

Speaking on his House Hardy Twitch stream, Matt said: "[Jim Ross] would use this expression quite a bit. It is very, very true. Jeff and I worked so well together because he'd say, 'Matt Hardy is the steak, Jeff is the sizzle.' That is such a good analogy. It just as far as being the steak and sizzle and I gave Jeff that reference.

"I'm very comfortable with all that. I mean you have to be. It's just like when people talk about being compared to other wrestlers like me, especially me as a singles [wrestler], I do really well on my own. I'm very well known and popular on my own.

"But like when you compare me to my tag team partner, Jeff Hardy is one of the most popular wrestlers in the history of this industry. I mean, there's no one like him, and he really is unique. He really is special. I mean when he had his run in 2008-2009 I mean he was almost on the same level as John Cena [in terms of] popular, it was just outrageous.

"So when it comes to like being compared to him and like people try and match me with Jeff like we're just two totally different animals and you can't really compare us on that level."

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