Matt Hardy Opens Up About "Someone" Changing His AEW Collision Booking

Matt Hardy reveals that it wasn't Tony Khan who changed his Collision booking

It was reported a little while back that Matt Hardy was originally slated to appear on an episode of AEW Collision, but he, much like other names, were turned away from the event in the face of changed plans, with him not being “needed”. 

Many fingers have been pointed in the way of CM Punk, who supposedly stopped others like Ryan Nemeth and Christopher Daniels from being present at the show. Hardy was another who was thrown into the mix due to his friendship with the members of The Elite. On his Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy podcast, he opened up about what actually happened.

He explained that the plan for days had been for him to be in Ethan Page’s corner ahead of an AEW World Championship match with MJF in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. However, at the last minute Hardy got a message saying that he was no longer needed for the show. This was followed up with some travel issues and delays which cost him a day with family - something he was not overly happy about. 

“So someone changed that during the day, and it wasn’t Tony Khan. So I don’t know. I can’t point the fingers at any names. But I’ll let people come to their own conclusion. You can make your own deductions out of this. That’s what ended up happening, and that’s why myself and Isiah, we weren’t needed at Collision when everyone had asked us to do it for days on end, and then I said I would, and Tony Khan approved it. Five to six hours later, it was not happening. Which was very strange. So you can make your own deductions on what happened.”

These hints at “someone” are going to lead people to assuming CM Punk given previous reports. 

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