Matt Riddle Comments On Goldberg's Latest Run In WWE

He still isn't a fan of Bill...

At Super ShowDown, Goldberg marked his latest run in WWE with another world title as he defeated "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt in under three minutes to win the Universal Championship. The decision to put the title on the former WCW star was widely criticised and reports later suggested Goldberg lobbied backstage to ensure he won the championship. Nevertheless, the former NFL defensive end went on to lose the title at WrestleMania 36 to Braun Strowman and hasn't been seen since. 

An outspoken critic of Goldberg's is NXT Superstar Matt Riddle who shared his thoughts on Bill's latest stint in WWE during a recent interview with Gary Cassidy at Sportskeeda.

The King Of Bros said: "You know, it's unfortunate. It's not that he wasn't a money-making machine in his time, and this and that, and that he's not entertaining. I get it. But, at the end of the day, this is a really hard thing to do. It's hard on your body and there's a reason why, you know, people come and go.

"Then to not only bring him back but then to almost destroy... If Bray Wyatt wasn't as good as he is and so charismatic as he is and everything else, he wouldn't be able to survive. Most characters would die after that and probably be released shortly after. He was billed undefeated then just to have him Speared a couple of times, barely Jackhammered, one, two, three.

"The other thing too is you're putting other athletes that are in their prime or trying of having their run, you're putting them in jeopardy because somebody wants to come back. You know? And the landscape of professional wrestling has changed since the '90s. Not that it's better or worse, but it's a little bit more sport, it's a little more competitive, it's a little harder hitting.

"Not that there wasn't hard-hitting stuff or there wasn't that style then, there was but I feel like now, overall, it's different. Getting in a world title match and you can't deliver a good forearm, or this or that, people are going to call you out.

"I don't think it was a poor move bringing him back for a match, but to bring him back to win the title, to destroy the character like The Fiend being so unstoppable and then just have Braun Strowman beat him... You know, it doesn't really do much for Braun Strowman beating him. It's not like it was a passing of the torch or a great match. It was a couple of Spears and a Powerslam.

"And I don't want to knock on Braun or anybody, I don't want to knock on people's work, but at the same time realise where you are, realise how hard people work to get where you are, realise how lucky you are and maybe you just want to put a little bit more effort into what you're doing.

"As a fan, like yourself and myself, we all agree and every fan that watched that, even if they wanted Braun to win or whatever, was disappointed. Even if you wanted Goldberg to win you probably didn't want him to win like that. It's one of those things. You know me, I think it was a bad call but I don't make those calls, I can only give my input, my insight and my opinion, and that's all I have."

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