Matt Riddle Reveals He and Goldberg Had Tense Conversation Backstage At WWE SummerSlam

They didn't exactly become bros...

NXT star Matt Riddle is not exactly the most reserved person in the world, and he's made this clear through a number of derisive public remarks made in the direction of Bill Goldberg.

The most notable comments came on the day of June's Super Show-Down. Riddle openly ridiculed Goldberg's poor performance in the main event against The Undertaker, calling Goldberg, "the worst wrestler in the business."

During last night's SummerSlam watchalong, Riddle talked about having a brief but rather tense meeting with Goldberg during the weekend.

Said the "King of Bros", "I see Goldberg's locker room and I'm trying to get a peek. I’m looking, I’m looking. All of a sudden (smacks hand to his shoulder), big shoulder, 300 pounds at least. I look up; it’s Bill Goldberg. I'm like, "Oh, Bill Goldberg!" He goes, "We got some talking to do." I'm like, "We can talk anytime." "Yeah?" "Yeah, alright, bro, we can talk anytime." He’s like, "I’m not your bro."

"I’m like, "Alright bro, take it easy, whatever." He’s like, "Yeah, We’ll see, I’ll see you later. It was a pleasure meeting you." "The pleasure was all mine, bro." Then he goes, "I’m not your bro." Then I walked away, and I had to come here.”

Riddle went on to make some more pointed comments during Goldberg's match with Dolph Ziggler, including claiming that he does the Jackhammer better than Goldberg ever could.

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