WrestleCon's Michael Bochicchio Admits He Will Likely Sell His House If He Has To Cancel The Convention

The economic impact of the coronavirus is revealed...

The coronavirus outbreak has caused enormous uncertainty within the professional wrestling world. Numerous indie promotions like DEFY, Black Label Pro Wrestling, and Prestige Wrestling have already been forced to cancel shows, and if WrestleMania 36 is postponed or scrapped, even more cancellations are expected. 

A staple of WrestleMania week in recent years has been WrestleCon. The convention has hosted a myriad of current and retired wrestlers and personalities from Kenny Omega to Mike Tyson, but this year's event is very much in jeopardy and could have devastating consequences for co-owner Michael Bochicchio.

During a recent interview with Vice, Bochicchio revealed that he does not have cancellation insurance for the convention which means if WWE decides to postpone or call off WrestleMania, he will likely be forced to sell his house as it will ruin him financially.

Bochicchio said: "I'm not kidding, if this is a full cancellation, I'll likely sell my house. You can put it on the record, it's true." 

The only hope the WrestleCon co-owner has is that Tampa officials shut down the convention as this would trigger the force majeure provision in contracts and allow him to recoup some of the con's expenses. 

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