Mickie James Wants To Continue Wrestling For "A Very Long Time"

She has no intentions of stepping away from the ring just yet

Mickie James may have been in the business for over two decades at this point but, as she recently relayed to The Angle Podcast, she has no intentions of stepping away anytime soon. 

The current IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion said: 

"It is a balance, it's a struggle sometimes. I do feel over the last couple of months as champion I've been busier than ever, you know, It comes with great responsibility; however, I've been having so much fun and of course, you have to enjoy it, enjoy the ride while it lasts, I hope and intend for it to last for a very long time. I'm excited! I'm excited to be doing so many different things".

Mickie also reiterated her gratitude to WWE for including her in this year's Royal Rumble and hope it leads to future crossover, saying: 

"That moment kind of created this idea because everyone said this would never happen in WWE, she'll never use her music, she'll never be Hardcore Country, she'll never come out with the championship, they'll never acknowledge it and it's all the things that they did do. And it's like, oh crap, this is a reality that can happen so these other dream matches that I kind of have booked in my head that I thought would never happen, now, you never know, maybe it could…"

James will appear on IMPACT Wrestling's events at WrestleCon in Dallas, Texas on April 1.

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