Miro Reveals Cesaro Gave Him A Black Eye Just Before His Wedding

Hope the wedding gifts made up for it...

A wedding is an unforgettable event - especially when you're the groom, and one of your trusty co-workers has partially mangled your face before the big day.

Photos of Miro and Lana's wedding depict "The Bulgarian Brute" with a black eye. He explained its origin on a recent Twitch stream, revealing that it was Cesaro who left him with the prominent shiner, stemming from a match together.

"We were on an overseas tour and me and [Cesaro] are working," Miro remembers. "'Let's go to the ring and shoot in the beginning,' this is what me and [Cesaro] do. We shoot in the beginning and blow ourselves up, then we start working, just so it can be fun. He wanted to give me a Frankensteiner from the top and I had never taken one. 'Just trust me.' In the middle of the match, we're fighting, and he wanted to give me a Frankensteiner. 'I've never done this.' He didn't care [laughs.] I didn't care either because I'm a professional. 

"He jumped, did the move, I take a bump. The next day, me and [Lana] are flying out and we're going to Bulgaria to get married. There was one spot, he wanted to do a step over victory roll. Again, we're just talking in there. He steps in with one foot, goes in with the other and his knee gets me right in the eye. I felt it right away. I sit up, look at [Lana]. First, he's pinning me and I'm like, 'Why Cesaro? Why?' He's like, 'What are you talking about?' Big kickout, look at [Lana] and am like, 'Look what he did to my eye.' She looks at me like, 'Oh my....' It swelled up instantly. 

"We finish the match and she was just giving [Cesaro] the biggest stinkeye. She was super upset because a week from now, we have to take picture and she doesn't want me to have a black eye. I'll always remember [Cesaro] from the wedding because all my pictures in Bulgaria have a black eye. No big deal."

(Credit to Fightful for transcription)

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