MJF Continues To Praise WWE Talents

MJF had kind words for a couple of current WWE Superstars.

MJF was recently interviewed by Sam Roberts, and had positive words to say about a pair of WWE Superstars in particular. 

The AEW talent was quick to praise Happy Corbin, stating: "I love Happy Corbin. I just think it's mutual respect. Like I said, and I've said it in interviews constantly, if you are not watching every product out there available, then you can't be the best version of yourself - and then you won't make the most amount of money. Corbin is a guy that understands that. So he watched my product. He saw me. I watched his product. I saw him, and we both went 'Yep. That guy gets it.' It’s just that simple."

He also spoke about Sami Zayn - who has been consistently been praised on social media recently for his part in the current Bloodline storyline. MJF explained: "I think Sami Zayn is one of the most entertaining professional wrestlers on the planet, and has been for a very long time. He hasn't always had the platform and the opportunity to show the world that. I feel now that he is getting that platform, it's becoming more clear than it ever was that he's next level.”

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