Mojo Rawley Believes We Will See Rob Gronkowski In A WWE Ring Again

WrestleMania 33 was just the start of it...

Rob Gronkowski retired from the NFL a few days ago, and naturally, due to his exploits during the WrestleMania 33 kickoff show back in 2017, many people seem to think a spot on the WWE roster could be in his future.

One of the people who does believe this is Gronk's close, personal friend and current WWE Superstar Mojo Rawley. The Man In The Mirror spoke to TMZ recently and said he wouldn't be surprised if 29-year-old Gronk did end up in a WWE ring again one day: "That wouldn't shock me one bit," Mojo said.

"I mean, he's always been a wrestling fan. I know WrestleMania, he was all excited about it. We still joke around about it, we're all still really proud of that moment. So, yeah man, in the future I'm sure at some point you'll see him inside a WWE ring in one capacity or another."

When asked if he thought there would be an interest from WWE in signing his pal to create another crossover star, Mojo said: "I'm absolutely positive they would be pretty receptive to that.

"A guy that can move the way he can, that has his size, just his overall demeanour and charisma, yeah, that's kind of what we recruit around. That's exactly what we're looking for here. I'm sure they'd be on-board with it. Like you said, there have been a lot of Superstars from other walks of life that have come here and been successful. That's kind of the beauty of WWE, is everyone's got their own story, they all have their own path in getting here. It's just a very diverse and unique locker room. So, yeah, he'd be a perfect fit, absolutely."

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