Moose Praises Scott D'Amore: He's Made IMPACT Into A Company People Want To Come Work For

Scott D'Amore has rehabbed IMPACT's image after the TNA years

It’s taken a long time, but IMPACT Wrestling have seemingly turned a corner, with the former TNA all but shedding its previous damning reputation.

A large part of IMPACT’s rehab has been down to EVP Scott D’Amore, with former IMPACT World Champion Moose praising the boss’ influence during an interview with Fightful:

"I’ve been there since when people wasn’t getting paid. I remember my first contract I signed with IMPACT under the Dixie Carter era and I got paid when I first signed and I didn’t see another paycheque until four or five months later. I’ve been here since that era. Now Scott [D’Amore] taking over has really, really turned the locker room around in terms of what IMPACT is known for. He’s made it an actual company people want to come work for." Moose said. "We have the Briscoes with us now and hopefully that’s gonna be a long term thing based on a long term build with us. I’m really hoping that gets done with them. A name like the Briscoes, probably the best tag team in all of professional wrestling signed with IMPACT after The Good Brothers just signed with IMPACT. After we just got Jonah and Morrissey, all these guys that come in. Hopefully that shows that, ‘Man, IMPACT is the place to go and actual names want to go there.’ That’s what I’m praying and hoping for. So we’ll see what happens."

H/T: Fightful

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