More Information Suggests Dean Ambrose Situation Not Part Of WWE Storyline

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Yesterday, PWTorch.com broke the news that Dean Ambrose handed in his notice and will be leaving WWE when his contract expires at the end of April. Late last night, WWE confirmed the news via a statement of their own.

However, after a segment on Raw this week that saw Ambrose readying himself to 'pour his heart out' in a promo before being cut off by Nia Jax - something that has been referenced on WWE.com, by the way - and with the unprecedented nature of the subsequent announcement from the company, many believe the lunatic's situation to be part of a storyline.

Now, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful has been able to provide some context and clarity on certain details surrounding yesterday's announcements that certainly lean towards the entire thing being legit.

Here's what Mr. Sapp tweeted last night (I feel it's important to note that Sean isn't confirming anything here - he's merely providing a series of facts and opinions that add to what we already know):

"Regarding suspicions that the Ambrose situation is a work: The news came from people backstage within WWE, not WWE themselves. They confirmed it. Also, if so, I don't think that working wrestlers and employees in a place where about a half dozen people have asked out is happening.

"WWE distributed this statement to media, including numerous mainstream outlets. I find it very hard to believe they'd risk losing coverage in those outlets while trying to work an angle. WWE's PR department, in my experience, doesn't work people in e-mails.

"It is not hard for WWE to construct a PR situation where Triple H is interviewed by a publication or outlet and answers the "is Dean Ambrose leaving?" where he answers, and it gets picked up anyway.

"That doesn't mean it won't be integrated into the show. That doesn't mean that WWE won't continue to make efforts to keep him on the program. I'm sharing with you my experiences from this aspect of things based on the responses I've been getting."

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