Mother Of Hana Kimura To Sue Japanese Broadcaster Of Terrace House, Production Company

Seeking damages for her daughter's death

Kyoko Kimura, the mother of the late Hana Kimura, announced in a press conference on Thursday that she will file a lawsuit against Terrace House Japanese broadcaster Fuji TV and a production company, seeking compensation for the death of her daughter, Japan Times reported. 

As part of the lawsuit, Kyoko filed a motion with the Tokyo District Court to preserve evidence from Terrace House, including unaired footage. The court ordered the production company to present material like unedited scripts and tapes on Friday, December 10, an order that was considered unusual. The production company is planning to contest the order. 

Speaking at a press conference, Kyoko explained she wanted Fuji TV and the production company to "sincerely" investigate why Hana died. Kyoko also noted that a week before her daughter's passing, Hana said the producers of Terrace House "don't treat the cast like human beings." Terrace House has since been cancelled. 

Hana Kimura committed suicide on May 23, 2020. She was 22-years-old. Prior to her death, Kimura was subjected to a torrent of online abuse following a March episode of Terrace House in which she slapped a fellow housemate's hat off because they ruined her Wrestle Kingdom 14 outfit in the washing machine. Kyoko Kimura has previously said that Hana told her the incident was staged by the producers of Terrace House. 

Tokyo Metropolitan Police believe Kimura committed suicide because of the online harassment. They confirmed in December 2020 that Hana received approximately 300 hateful messages following the March episode. 

Since Hana's passing, Kyoko has also sought damages from individuals who sent hateful comments to her daughter and two men have been fined so far. One fine was for $80 while another in May 2021 was for approximately $11,300 in damages.

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