Muhammad Hassan Returns To Wrestling After 13 Year Absence

We've not seen him for a long, long time.

Marc Copani - more widely-known as former WWE Superstar Muhammad Hassan - returned to pro wrestling this weekend, competing in his first match for 13 years.

The OVW graduate was last seen feuding with The Undertaker as part of the SmackDown brand, losing to the Deadman at Great American Bash 2005.

Unfortunately, for reasons beyond Copani's control, he is largely remembered for exiting the company under controversial circumstances. A combination of bad booking and tragic real-world events led to his sudden release in September 2005.

Hassan was originally portrayed as an Arab American who acknowledged the fans' boos and turned their prejudices against them, but became a more stereotypical 'evil foreigner' character over time. In perhaps the most controversial moment in SmackDown history, he abducted Undertaker with the help of several men dressed in ski masks and military fatigues - the terrorist implications of which did not go unnoticed.

This angle was shot the same week as the tragic London bombings of July 7th, 2005, resulting in severe media scrutiny aimed at WWE and Hassan's in-ring persona.

WWE had originally sent him back to developmental to alter his gimmick, only to release him as a result of fan backlash.

Copani announced his retirement from professional wrestling shortly after.

His return came at yesterday's King of Thrones event, held by 'The Dynasty' promotion in Amsterdam, New York. He defeated 'Greek God' Papadom in under ten minutes.

It is unclear whether this return is a one-time deal for Hassan, or whether he intends to continue wrestling more often on the independent scene.

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