Mustafa Ali On How WWE Legends Should Be Used

“What good is everything you've done to build this company and this industry, if you don't let it progress?”

Retribution’s Mustafa Ali ruffled a few feathers on WWE’s recent Legend’s Night, when he let his thoughts be known on Raw Talk. Sitting with Charly Caruso and R Truth, Ali was frustrated by the airtime the legends were receiving, at the expense of acts like Retribution.

Ali recently followed up on that initial diatribe in an interview with comicbook.com, clarifying his comments and suggesting what he thinks WWE should do with their roster of legends.

Ali said:
“The Raw Talk thing, the one specifically about the legends, was I was frustrated that day. We were on the show and then we were off the show. And when I asked why, it's because I found out there was like 15 appearances by legends throughout the show and there was problems. That's why I kind of pointed out, I think I made a line joking about how half of them couldn't walk because they had said that they were worried about how long it would take them to walk down the ramp to the ring.

“So you're hearing these things and you go, so because of this an entire faction that really needs the TV time, that needs the momentum, that needs to be represented is just being pushed aside. And again, look at what I said. If you look at the words I said, I didn't disrespect the legends, I acknowledged them. They are legends. I even acknowledged that they paved the path. They created this path. But then I asked the question, when are you going to let me walk on that path? What good is the path? What good is everything you've done to build this company and this industry, if you don't let it progress? You're slowing it down. Literally, slowing it down. You can barely walk. You're in the way.”

Ali was then asked how he thinks WWE should use their legends on TV, with Ali responding:

“So I think someone like Booker T is great when he's able to provide insights on commentary. If you ask him about the pressure of championship matches, he'd be able to provide that insight, right? Another thing is, I think they're great mentors, producers, backstage correspondents. They have knowledge, right? You can pass on that knowledge.

“As far as on-screen roles, they always love the officials such as Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle was a great general manager. Paige, I know, she unfortunately had to retire early, but again, a great on-screen character. So there's ways to utilise legends, absolutely. But to dedicate a three-hour show to them and have half the roster...

“And there's still a way that you could have easily integrated the current roster with everybody. Again, it was just something that I took personally that day. When I looked back on it, yeah, I understand the purpose of it. It was to honour these legends. But to me there's always a way to kind of benefit everybody. Sometimes unfortunately, myself included, I'm not the priority that day. Something else is and then I have to take the backseat. But yeah, you have to let your voice be heard. You have to let them know that you don't approve it, and still show up to work the next week and you try to knock it out the park.”

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