Natalya Praises Cora Jade And Roxanne Perez

Natalya is very high on Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez

WWE star Natalya has heaped praise on former NXT Women's Tag Team Champions Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez. 

Speaking with Love Wrestling, The Queen of Harts noted that working with Jade was her favourite part of 2022, saying: 

"[She's] a bit more of a bad girl, Cora, but I think my favorite thing that I did in 2022 was that storyline with Cora. It was so much fun. She wanted to soak up as much information as she could. She was really a pleasure to work with, and I loved our program together. It was so much fun, and I think that there's a lot of great things to come for her in the future, too. I think she's a student of the game. She is also somebody that I pointed to in the crowd! 

"She has this photo of us that we took a selfie in the audience, and she like made it. So, it's really cool again, like Roxy, Cora's a fan. She's a fan, she loves this, and she's here. She made it. Cora and Roxy are a great message to little girls, and guys, everywhere, that you can have big dreams and you can accomplish them. You can achieve them. With hard work, dedication, and not ever taking no for an answer, you can achieve your dreams".

Natalya also spoke about working with Perez (in her and Tyson Kidd's The Dungeon 2.0 training school) and mentioned a moment between the two that was shown on Total Divas: 

"Roxanne, it's funny, she was a fan! I was walking into a live event, and she was there and she was just like, so cute. She just asked this question about 'what do I need to do to be a Diva?' it was during the Divas Era, of course. That's when we were all called Divas. We weren't allowed to be called women wrestlers, even though now we're referred to as Superstars. In all honesty, as much as I love wrestling, I think when Vince McMahon wanted us to be called Superstars, he wanted us to feel bigger than just wrestling. He wanted to know that we were like all these big stars. 

"I digress. Roxy is so sweet. I feel like she's very hard-working, and she genuinely loves wrestling. She genuinely loves WWE. She genuinely loves the industry. She also came from a really good upbringing. She worked with Booker T, and you can see her progress and her growth. Every time I see Roxy on NXT, I just see that she gets more and more confident. She's actually trained with us a little bit in The Dungeon, too! She's very hard-working, and she's a good person. I think that's one thing that the audience really can resonate with Roxy is that she's very genuine".

Roxanne Perez is the current NXT Women's Champion. 

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