Nia Jax: I Never Purposely Tried To Hurt Anyone In WWE

"I didn't mean to hurt you. I'm sorry that I made you cry"

During her WWE career, Nia Jax developed a reputation for being unsafe inside the ring and there were several incidents of the former Raw Women's Champion hurting other talent, whether that be Becky Lynch in 2018 or Kairi Sane in 2020, among other examples. 

Despite her reputation, Jax noted on The Sessions with Renee Paquette she never tried to purposely hurt anyone inside the squared circle. 

"Anybody who knows me in the locker room, I know that I was so much bigger than everybody and I know that I'm a lot stronger. Coach Sara Amato had always said, 'You always have to be aware because you are so much bigger that you throwing your arm and hitting somebody in the face is not going to be the same as somebody smaller than you.' I was always conscious of that. I always tried to take pride," Jax began.

"I worked with Lexi [Alexa Bliss] most of my career and she's so tiny. She trusted me. It hurt when people were like, 'She injures everybody.' In my career, I know I've injured two people. Obviously, Becky was one of them. There is another one, I don't want to call her out, but I know I did. I profusely apologised. Other things, they made like a whole YouTube about certain things," she continued.

"Hey, guess what? We get in there and we're going 300 days a year and not all my moves are going to look super clean and smooth, but I'm not injuring people or purposely going out to hurt people. That's what hurt me the most. I consciously make an effort to make sure I can make everybody look good and keep it safe and make sure we all get out laughing and having a good time and safe."

Jax was released by WWE in November of 2021 but the company offered to bring her back for the 2022 Women's Royal Rumble, an offer The Irresistible Force rejected.

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