Niki Bella: Brie & I Talk Daily About Coming Back To WWE For the Women's Tag Team Titles

The Bellas are up for another WWE run

Nikki Bella says there is nothing she and sister Brie want more than to come back to WWE and claim the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships. 

The Bella Twins stepped away from WWE and announced their retirement from in-ring competition in 2019, just as the promotion confirmed the creation of Tag Team Titles for the women's division.

Nikki says she and Brie talk constantly about getting back in the ring and is hopeful she will one day be able to compete again, and harbours a dream of holding the Tag Team Titles.

Speaking to Extra, Bella said: "I talked to Brie about this on the daily. I look at Tamina and I look at Natalya and I see them hold those Tag Team Championships, and there’s nothing more that I want than to come back for that. 

"I truly hope that in the future I can come back in that ring and compete. Compete in front of my son! He would sit front row. It would be a dream. It’s not over for the Bella Twins. We will come back and make our mark."

Nikki and sister Brie appeared at WrestleMania 37, attacking Bayley on Night Two at Raymond James Stadium.

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