No Way Jose: WWE NXT Was Like High School. Main Roster Was All Business

No Way was part of the WWE for five years

Former WWE star No Way Jose is now plying his trade in IMPACT Wrestling after five years with the WWE across NXT and the main roster. 

Having had the ‘full’ WWE experience before his release in 2020, No Way can compare the ‘two sides’ of the company as well as anyone, telling The Wrestling Perspective Podcast:

"Yeah man, 100%. NXT was basically, I say, like a high school. You went in there every day, you saw the same people every day, you got to talk with the coaches. Then with that, Triple H is there every week and so are the writers, and we get to talk to them and they'll tell you what they want. It's legit, as much as high school. They had the cliques and all that BS and the good and the bad that come along with it, but then you get to Raw and SmackDown and it’s a different beast. A lot of every man for himself type of thing and everybody wants a certain amount of spots. Everybody's still cool but it's more business up there. I think that was the change that I really wasn't ready for and I didn't expect, because I was like, ‘oh okay, it's kind of going to be like NXT.’ Oh hell no. They told you in NXT like, ‘get ready for it.’ Bloom, A-Train, Tensai, whatever you want to call him, he was like, ‘this is the purest place you'll see in the system.’ I just thought he was kind of BSing with me and he was right."

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