NWA Star Trevor Murdoch Calls WWE's Vince McMahon A “Lazy A**hole”

NWA Powerrr regular has his say...

Former WWE Superstar Trevor Murdoch has labelled Vince McMahon a "lazy a**hole" during an interview on Prime Time with Sean Mooney.

Without any further ado, here's what Murdoch had to say:

“There were four or five times we weren’t being put on TV and we didn’t know why, and we went to Vince one time. We were off TV for four or five weeks and we were writing ideas for us and giving them to the writers – the people who should be writing the ideas – people getting paid to write ideas. We were doing it for ourselves, and they weren’t getting anywhere.

“So, we tracked down Vince, we saw him in catering – the one time he was by himself – and we sat right next to him. We said, ‘Vince, you’re not putting us on TV. We want to know why.’ And he goes, he looked at Lance, he goes, ‘I hate your fake black hair.’ And he looked at me and he goes, ‘I hate your pasty white skin.’ We said, ‘okay’ and we got up.

“The next day I was tan, my partner was blonde. I’ll be damned if we weren’t on TV that next week. And I’m like, wow, why couldn’t it have just happened three or four weeks ago? Saved us, everybody, time, money; and that was like the beginning of my disdain with the business.

“It really bothered me like, wow, all that hard work and one lazy asshole putting a hold on it. You know, because that’s, to me, that’s all it was, laziness. You’re paying me, you’re putting me on your TV. You’re telling me you ain’t got enough time and energy to give me a two-minute phone call and tell me to change something so it works better for you? And it really started leading me down my path of maybe this business isn’t made for me. Maybe I was born in the wrong time frame. Maybe I’m the round peg in the square hole. And it slowly started just making me have disdain for the pro wrestling business.”

Thanks to WrestlingInc for the transcription. 

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