Otis Says WWE Security Tackled Him For Trying To High-Five Trish Stratus As A Kid

Well that's just not nice...

Big Otis must indeed be a gentleman if he's always preferred blondes.

The SmackDown heavyweight admitted in an interview with Digital Spy that as a fifth grader attending a WWE event, he made a rush to the guardrail to try and high-five Trish Stratus, only for one security guard to take him down with a hearty spear.

“It hurt, every bit of it hurt," recalls Otis. "I was a 200-pound fifth grader – I looked like a man almost."

Otis did manage to score free front row tickets to the next event as a result of the incident, which he calls a "sacrifice."

He adds that he's never told Stratus the story, but hopes she hears about it, adding, "It's hard for me to talk to her as a lady I've watched for years in the Sports Entertainment world.

"It would be a good way for me to express... you know, without really talking to her in person."

Otis is one of six participants in Sunday's men's Monday in the Bank ladder match, taking place at WWE Headquarters.

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