Paul Heyman Believes Parker Boudreaux, Bronson Reichsteiner & Bobby Steveson Have The Potential To Be WWE Main Eventers

High praise from Heyman

During a recent interview with Esquire Middle East, Paul Heyman tipped Parker Boudreaux, Bronson Reichsteiner and Bobby Steveson to be future WWE main eventers. 

"Parker Boudreaux is a very interesting human being that took his education very seriously. He's not just a meathead. He's a six foot three, six foot four 300 pound athlete who has one hell of the head on his shoulders. So Parker Boudreaux is doing what everyone else does. He's starting from the bottom. He has reported to the WWE Performance Center. And he's got to work his way up to the top. There's a lot of roadblocks on the way. Do I think he can navigate them? Absolutely.

"Bobby Steveson is in his class. Bobby Steveson is from the University of Minnesota, Brock's alumni. It's a Bobby Steveson's brother Gable Steveson has publicly declared his intention to either go to the Olympics, UFC or WWE. And he's the number one college wrestler on the face of the planet today. 

"Rick Steiner's son is in the current PC class. There's someone else that could truly become a huge star for the next 20 to 25 years. So there's a crop out there of hot talent that's ready to become the next generation of WrestleMania main events. Parker Boudreaux has some very stiff competition to deal with."

Boudreaux, a former offensive lineman at the University of Central Florida, recently signed with WWE and is part of the latest Performance Center. As is Bronson Reichsteiner, another former college American football player who is the son of Rick Steiner. WWE has yet to officially announce the signing of Bobby Steveson, an amateur wrestler from the University of Minnesota, but he is reportedly training at the Performance Center and will be part of the next class.   

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