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9. Ready To Rumble Again?

Michael buffer royal rumble 2008

Sadly this entry is not concerning a sequel to the much maligned WCW-produced film Ready to Rumble, but rather a potential return to wrestling for former WCW ring announcer Michael Buffer who, incidentally, appears in the film. 

The man with the golden voice responded to a fan on Twitter asking if he would ever announce a wrestling event again, whether AEW, WWE or elsewhere, saying: 

"In a heartbeat!!! Love the heels & babyfaces!! Some of the best athletes in the world..I don’t know how they do what they do!!". 

Babyfaces and heels eh, Buffer? How long have you been subscribing to the Wrestling Observer for then? 

Considering Buffer owns the phrase the phrase 'let's get ready to rumble' and gets a big, fat cheque everytime somebody utters it in a public forum, I can't see him doing a wrestling pay-per-view anytime soon. 

The tweet also led to a nice exchange between him and Sean Waltman, who commented that Buffer announcing the nWo versus Ric Flair, Roddy Piper & Kevin Greene main event from Slamboree 1997 was a career highlight. 

In response, Buffer wrote to the former Syxx, saying: 

"NWO! NEW WORLD ORDER on WCW! An amazing time for fans and talent!! Great photo of you with Kevin and Scott! I loved every minute of it..great to [hear] from you Sean! Stay well, healthy, strong and safe!".

Alright then, Buff boy, how much do I owe you for writing those five words earlier? Call it ten grand even?  

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