Paul Heyman: The Culture Of WWE Is To 'Rip The Band Aid Off'

Heyman was removed as host of Talking Smack

Paul Heyman has opened up on WWE's decision to replace him as a host of Talking Smack, revealing the culture of WWE is to 'rip the band aid off' and make any changes that need making immediately.

When WWE returned to live shows in July, Heyman was removed from his role as co-host of Talking Smack.

When asked by Ariel Helwani of BT Sport about the decision to remove him as a host of Talking Smack, Heyman revealed: "The show was taped immediately after SmackDown when we had a virtual audience. As we were heading back to live crowds, there was no way to put me in that position after the show because we do the dark match. Roman Reign is usually in the dark match. I can't get over to the table.

"Number two, even if I could get over to the table, we're not shooting it anymore right after the show because we're still live, there's still a show going on. I wasn't going to be available to do the show right after SmackDown. Much like everything else in the company, most of the culture is dictated by the Chairman of the Board Vincent Kennedy McMahon. His mindset is always, 'rip the band aid off.'

"If you know you're going to do it...the culture here is 'do it yesterday.' The moment someone realized, 'we're going to do live crowds again and Roman is going to be in the dark match and we need Heyman. Heyman can't be there and in the studio. We only have three or four more weeks of Heyman on Talking SmackDown, we have to do something different.' 'Get rid of him now.' 

"'We still have three or four weeks to decide.' 'Get rid of him now.' That's the decision. Start replacing him now because we have to do it anyway."

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