Paul Wight Reveals How He Thinks Vince McMahon Would React To AEW All In

Paul Wight doesn't think Vince McMahon would be too happy about AEW All In

Although Vince McMahon hasn’t been as involved in the WWE landscape as much over the last year or so, there is still every chance that he is keeping up with not just his own company, but the wider professional wrestling world too. For instance, it feels unlikely that he won’t have heard about AEW All In, taking place later today at Wembley Stadium in front of 80,000 people. 

AEW’s Paul Wight spoke to Inside The Ropes on how he imagines his former boss in WWE Vince McMahon would react to something like this, and he thinks McMahon would be “pissed”. 

"Oh, well, I think he's pissed. I think he's absolutely pissed, but he's pissed in a good way. He's the type that likes competition. He likes that challenge. Vince [has] very much animal, jungle-type mentality. Vince is a guy that thrives on competition or thrives on doing new things, thrives on being the best in his mind at what he does, so when you know competition steps up, that fires Vince up more than anything. The worst thing that can happen to Vince McMahon is to be bored, monotonous, you know? If he's got competition, it fires him up to be better, which is a win for the fans because they'll get a better product, and it's good for us because we produce a better product, too."

Vince McMahon brought WWE to Wembley Stadium back at SummerSlam 1992, with AEW All In being the first show held there since that night. 

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