Paul Wight To Undergo Knee Replacement Surgery

Paul Wight set to have knee replacement surgery

Pro-wrestling notoriously takes its toll on anyone who steps into the ring, never mind if you’re the ‘World’s Largest Athlete’, with Paul Wight visibly showing signs of a lifetime competing between the ropes.

Wight last wrestled on TV in the Like a Dragon Street Fight on the November 15, 2023 episode of All Elite Wrestling Dynamite, and recently teamed with long-time partner Chris Jericho and Mike Bailey for a match on the Jericho Cruise in January 2024.

After his match on the cruise, Wight took time to talk with fans, with a video uploaded to the official Jericho Cruise TikTok account showing Wight telling fans he is due to get partial knee replacement surgery, after dealing with lingering knee issues. It is currently unclear when Wight is set to undergo the procedure.

Wight - FKA The Giant in WCW and The Big Show in WWE - has been partially retired from in-ring competition since the conclusion of his last full-time run in WWE in 2018. Since then he has wrestled a further 13 times, with six more WWE matches occurring in 2020, before joining AEW in 2021 and wrestling a handful of matches across TV and PPV.

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