Quiz: Kevin Nash's Pay-Per-View Opponents

190 names across WWE, WCW, TNA and more! Good luck!

Today we're wishing a very happy birthday to Kevin Nash! 

Big Sexy turns 62-years-old on Friday July 9 2021, and has enjoyed one of the most interesting and iconic careers in professional wrestling.

Starting in WCW, Nash would jump to WWE before switching back to WCW in 1996. A return to WWE would then follow followed by a spell with TNA Wrestling and a short stint on the independent scene as well.

Nash would also return in-ring for WWE on a third occasion in 2011 for a brief spell! 

With historic matches aplenty under his belt, Nash can boast 190 opponents on pay-per-view across WWE, WCW, TNA and others. But how many can you name? 

That's the nature of Friday's quiz! You have 15 minutes to recall every single opponent Nash has faced on pay-per-view! Good luck, and don't forget to let us know on social media how you do!

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Mitch Waddon

Written by Mitch Waddon

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