Quiz: Kurt Angle's WWE Pay-Per-View Opponents

Happy birthday Kurt!

Today we're wishing a very happy 53rd birthday to Kurt Angle! 

The man who won an Olympic Gold Medal 'with a broken freakin' neck' retired from in-ring action at WrestleMania 35 in 2019, having returned to WWE in 2017. The Olympic Hero and Hall Of Famer had departed the promotion back in 2006. 

With multiple World Championship reigns, WrestleMania main-events, and some of the greatest matches in WWE history under his belt, there is no denying that Angle is an all-time icon in the business. 

But how many of his WWE pay-per-view opponents can you remember? 

There are 136 answers to get in a seven-minute time-limit! Good luck!

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Mitch Waddon

Written by Mitch Waddon

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